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Why Mohur Coin?

To find the best employees for your agency, you need to start assessing needs, identifying networks, developing candidate pools, and casting an overall wider net.

Increase your reach

Cast a wider net using Mohur Coin. Our agents post to social networks, job boards and many other outlets, sending you only the highest quality candidates at a fraction of the time and cost.

Fast & Easy

Hiring couldn't be easier. Our super-charged tools will help you find, shortlist and contact your perfect hire in no time. Make better decisions with our community sending your pre qualified, verified candidates.

Cost-Effective hiring

Hire the best talent while maximizing your ROI. Choose from several solutions that works with your time and budget. Take advantage of crowdsourcing to find candidates.

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The ICO to revolutionize recruiting

The Mohur Blockchain network uses a P2P system. In this network, a copy of the Blockchain is present to every user. So, to tamper the network, one has to change the information in the whole chain. Thus, becoming nearly impossible to break security while making the recruitment process safer & reliable for both parties

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About Us

Mohur Coin connects Job Seekers and Job Finders using the Blockchain.

Mohur Coin is a decentralized employment marketplace that doesn't rely on traditional recruiters or "headhunters". By employing user agents on the Mohur Coin network, a P2P decentralized job market will be created using our token as an incentive to user agents to submit and verify applicants.

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Mohur Coin gives You Powerful Tools For Managing Every Candidate In Your Database, Complete With The Power Of Blockchain Technology. Take Advantage Of Crowdsourcing To Find Candidates. Request A FREE Demo Today!