Interested in Mohur Coin?

Choose between MHR (XRPL) or MOH (Binance Smart Chain)

As MohurCoin operates on two different Networks (BSC / XRPL) we have created two different approaches to market; an ICO and an Airdrop.

Revolutionary Use Case

Mohur Promise

Mohur is an enterprise-grade BaaS BRP (Blockchain Resource Planning). It addresses the biggest challenges companies face in blockchain solutions, and its cost and time of implementation. Mohur is a Game-changing platform that simplifies blockchain adoption to minimize both costs and time to market.

Why Is Mohur Unique?

The first BRP (Blockchain Resource Planning) Platform will transform enterprise use-case applications 

  • - Mixing blockchain and traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) application development in an agnostic way to allow seamless integration in any infrastructure.

    - Providing a series of ready-made functionalities that are available at the back-end/storage level and won’t require developers to write them into their source code.

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